Grounded in the belief that for our future growth we need to actively address the challenges facing the fashion and luxury industry and the world in which we operate.

Locally Produced

Designed locally in the Netherlands and produced in the EU, Elzinga remains connected to the people, places and things surrounding it. All samples are drafted in house, and outsourced responsibly to Bulgaria and Lithuania, continuing to support the local economy.


Quality fabrications are at the pinnacle of garment creation. Each piece is actively vetted, ensuring the highest quality
of craftsmanship. With every stitch and seam, attention to detail is paramount to Elzinga design and artistry.

Conscious Materials

Sourcing materials with sustainable intention. Each Elzinga piece is crafted with considered materials.

100% Cotton, a recurring fabric used in all Elzinga collections, is certified to fit the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This standard ensures the organic status of the textile is sourced responsibly both environmentally and socially.

Social Responsibility

At Elzinga we produce a safe space for collaboration and idea forming.

We build meaningful relationships with suppliers
and manufacturers, while maintaining strong internal connections. We believe in fair wages, treating each person with equal respect, and empowering those around us.

Reduced Waste

Minimally packaged with recycled materials. All shipping contents are designed with sustainability and social impact top of mind. Elzinga is committed to monitoring the brand’s carbon footprint and reducing waste.